Is stamped concrete a DIY project? A stamped concrete is definitely not your regular endeavor no matter how many tasks you may have tried as a DIY weekend warrior. Any professional will say that, it is a project better left to a professional and skilled contractor. Experienced concrete installers know how time-sensitive and difficult a stamped concrete job can be. As a matter of fact, they have also had the luxury of time and sometimes unfortunate situations to learn by experiment and this serious learning curve your budget or you cannot be up for. 

Why is a stamped concrete a project only for professional and experienced contractors? 

Five Main Reasons Why a Stamped Concrete Project is Definitely Not a DIY Project 

The following are some of the five primary reasons why a stamped concrete may be a very difficult task for a DIY person: 

  1. Concrete is very unforgiving and sensitive. If you mess that up, it will not be a quick fix for you.
  2. You only have one chance to make it right. Once you already placed the concrete on the surface, there is no starting over except you plan to rip it out.
  3. You cannot leave the project and accomplish it later. Once you start the concrete project to cure, you need to finish it or there is no turning back.
  4. It can be costly in terms of purchasing stamping materials for just one project.
  5. Most short tutorials found on the net make stamping appear to be simple. They basically do not cover all the things which may go the other way that professional and experienced installers already know.

Should You DIY Stamped Concrete Projects? 

The answer will be no. In fact, one of the major reasons why you have to leave this kind of complicated job to the hands of professionals is the fact that you only have a single chance to get things right. In fact, concrete flooring, especially stamped concrete ones, is very expensive as well as unforgiving when talking about its materials as well as the time that you have to invest. Also, unlike any electrical work, carpentry or plumbing, stamped concrete projects do not come apart as well as can’t come back the next in order to accomplish it the moment you lose your time and patience. 

Reasons Why Concrete Stamping Project Is Not Always for DIY Enthusiasts 

There are actually too many factors that make projects about stamped concrete better left to professional and expert stamped concrete professionals. The most common as well as obvious reason is simply the concrete placement fundamentals on a certain surface that is an art. Certainly, proper concrete placement begins with correct sub base preparation, which usually includes about 2 to 4 inches of sub base and stone materials that need to be compacted accordingly. Due to these complexities, it is highly advised by experts that you only hire a professional for your stamped concrete project. For more details about concrete projects, contact a professional concrete Chicago service provider.