The Four Pillars of Health


discipline, vision, intimacy, godliness


The Four Pillars are the timeless areas of human experience known to be the foundation of health and success. Together they prop up your life, provide unshakable stability, and prepare you for a life well lived. Not only should we live them daily, we should teach them to our children, and promote them amongst the human family globally. 

A clean environment - The Physical - “Discipline”


By “environment” we mean everything you put into your body, put your body into, or do with your body.  It is the interface of your body with the physical universe and the choices we collectively make about that interface. To build a strong foundation with this pillar is to be disciplined and to wisely choose:

  • to exercise regularly
  • to maintain an ideal body weight by eating a healthy balanced diet
  • to maintain healthy margin in your schedule
  • to breath clean air
  • the appropriate balance of light and darkness
  • to get adequate sleep, rest, and relaxation
  • to promote a safe and healthy workplace
  • to avoid addictions to drugs, chemicals and activities
  • to be content and avoid financial debt.
  • A rich inner life - the mind - “Vision”


    A “rich inner life” is the realm of the of the psyche, or the soulour mind, will and emotions.  Our brain has the function of regulating our bodily functions through an extensive network of nerves and hormones, now called the “mind-body connection.” Mental health and physical health are intricately linked.  In order to build a strong mental health foundation, we need vision and we must: 

  • know oneself and have a proper sense self-worth
  • commit to lifelong learning
  • be proactive
  • learn the appropriate response to our emotions
  • give expression to our creativity
  • Intimate relationships - the social - “Intimacy”


    Humans are relational beings and we all have a strong need to love and to be loved.  Unsatisfying or strained relationships are probably the single most important cause of pain and suffering in the world. Healthy relationships foster physical and mental health, while unhealthy relationships are known contributors to illness. For a successful and healthy life, we need intimacy, built by:    

  • secure infant parental bonding
  • choosing your friends carefully
  • loving unconditionally
  • forgiving those who hurt you
  • maintaining healthy boundaries
  • sexual purity
  • synergizing.
  • Balanced spirituality - the spirit - “Godliness”


    Spirituality is the realm of the spirit, that which separates us from the animal kingdom.  Where animals go to sleep when their needs for food, safety and sex are met, humans start to explore and ask such questions as, “Why am I here?”  Scientific research as shown a strong postitive correlation between healthy spirituality and physcial, mental and relational health.  To strengthen this pillar, we should:    

  • be a worshipper
  • exercise gratitude
  • have time for personal solitude
  • know and live our values
  • find meaning in life by living our calling
  • follow our conscience
  • be inner directed.