We are now facing a global health crisis, in the name of COVID-19. Every part of the planet is in lockdowns and in quarantine. How can we help during this pandemic?

Volunteer works are still going on, especially for the medical workers and those who want to render medical and social services. Here are the three things that you can do most for this pandemic.

1. Rebuild. When Covid-19 stroke, even the countries with most stable healthcare systems were shattered and displaced. Many countries experienced shortage in masks, ventilator and other medical supplies. Given that volunteering is of higher risk compared before, you can help in rebuilding these healthcare systems. Many charitable institutions and volunteer organizations render free services to help a nation improve this medical capacity in managing Covid-19. This includes, offering free rides and meals for front liners and collecting medical donations for the hospitals. In this way, we can take care of our front liners too.

2. Donate. The strict quarantine measures discourage other form of donation due to the nature of the virus, where it can be transferred from one person to another through exposure in a contaminated medium. Hence, most nonprofit organization encourages financial donations. The money collected is converted into goods, machines or paid workforce aid the government in fighting Covid-19. Financial donations could also support researches and clinical trials to come up with a vaccine.

If you are donating big time, you can visit your accountant or lawyer and seek advice. A verified, endorsed and accredited organization accepts tax deductible gifts. In this way also, you can make sure that your money goes to the right place.

3. Take Care. There is no greater thing you can do this time but to stay healthy and safe. One safe citizen is one less problem to the government. You can advocate starting from your family up to the community how to be healthy and safe in this pandemic. Follow quarantine measures. Always wash your hands. Live and eat healthy. Educate and be an example.

Millions were affected of Covid-19 but we should not turn our eyes close to other health needs that exist in different areas of the world. Other areas may not experience Covid-19 but malaria, dengue, Ebola and worm-related infections; especially in kids are still there. We cannot just focus in one pandemic and neglecting other existing health concerns.

This pandemic makes us realize a lot of things. Like life is short so we should always make the best out of it. When they say there is Covid-19 and we cannot do anything? They are wrong because there is a pandemic, and this is the moment that we should do something meaningful.

Volunteering may not be the same for what they call the “new normal”, but the essence is still the same. Face to face and actual nursing, caring and educating are impossible for now. However, volunteering is anything good. This could in form of preparing food, encouraging words or just an affirmation of support. Actually, it is in any form where your heart is. If you are decided to make volunteer work, do not hesitate to reach us out.